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All banks, be a participant in the National Switch

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Moamalat Financial Services Co. manages the operations of the National Switch System


Since September 2009, Moamalat Financial Services Company was assigned by the Central Bank of Libya to manage and operate the National Payment Switch, because of its management and technical expertise. A national payment switch has become a necessity for a cashless or 'less cash' society. The advantages of such a switch include boosting financial inclusion, stimulating innovation, growth and economic prosperity.

National Payment Switch is a system that can interface with any POS system, Automated Teller Machine (ATM), Mobile Payment System and Internet based commerce portals, consolidate all electronic transactions and then intelligently channel them to one or more payment processors for authorization and settlement. The National Payment Switch simplifies and consolidates the electronic payment system. It routes all transactions made with locally issued cards to a central point for settlement. The National Payment Switch will have a single interface with global card payment processors such as VISA, Union Pay, American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club, etc.


  • Jumhouria Bank
  • National Commercial Bank
  • Wahda Bank
  • Sahara Bank
  • North Africa Bank
  • Nuran Bank
  • Alwaha Bank
  • Libyan Islamic Bank
  • United Bank for Commercce & Investment
  • Al Wafa Bank​


Enable your cards to work on the National Switch, plus enable your customers to withdraw cash from the ATMs of other commercial banks participating in the National Switch, which helps in multiple options and a wider network of exchange for your customers and even if you are new to electronic services. Enable your customers to use the POS network of the popular and well-distributed stores even if you are new to electronic services. Central financial settlement for all members participating in the National Switch through central settlement accounts of participating banks within 24 hours.

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E-Cards Management ( Issuing & Acceptance )

Moamalat Financial Services Co. is responsible for completing the management of issuance & acceptance of local & international cards

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Local Cards

Moamalat offers a range of products from local cards managed by a Numo network so that banks can issue several local cards such as debit cards, prepaid cards and gift cards.

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Visa Card

Moamalat Financial Services Company offers credit cards. These cards can be used all over the world where Visa is located on storefronts, hotels, websites and other places. Cardholders can also withdraw cash from more than 1 million ATMs and financial institutions worldwide.


Amazing purchasing power enables you to achieve everything you want, with world-class service and valuable benefits Whether you pay online, in the store, over the phone or via any mobile device, MasterCard offers you valuable security features to keep your payments secure and secure.

Many benefits to automating your store with point of sale system

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E-Payment Services

Fast & safest electronic payment services

Joint Acquiring Center (JAC)

The company seeks to upgrade and modernize its clients' business efficiently to keep abreast of modern developments and modern technology.

And is well aware of the challenges facing customers, especially when it comes to terms and methods of payment, which is why the company offers the most advanced POS system to facilitate daily transactions and to provide better service to our customers.

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Mobile Payment

In the era of technology that dominates our modern world, mobile payment technology has emerged.

Telephone payment technology makes mobile phones a digital wallet that stores bank account numbers to enable us to pay all kinds of bills that will revolutionize our buying and marketing approach, which will lead in the future. The company is working hard to complete all the requirements of activation of mobile payment to be the first service provider in the State of Libya enables customers to use their smart phone to make payments to other beneficiaries, whether individuals or shops Governmental organizations or any other entity.

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ATM Management & Control Service

Moamalat Financial Services Company is a joint stock Libyan company established in accordance with the decision of the General Peoples’ Committee No. 611 of 1994 & the Secretary of the General People’s Committee for Economy & Commerce decision No. 327 of 1994 with a capital of L.D. 7 million or the equivalent of US $ 19 million. The amount was paid in full and equally among the shareholders. The company started operating officially on November 15, 1994.

The purpose of the company is to undertake financial services and foreign exchange work inside the country. The company’s status defines the general framework of it’s activities and objectives in the following:

  • Selling and buying of foreign currencies.
  • Issuing and marketing of traveler’s cheques.
  • Issuing of credit cards and other means of payment.
  • Buying and selling of securities and shares and other banknotes.
  • Ownerships of movable assets and real estate as company may need to carry out it’s activity.
  • International & locally transfer money (MoneyGram).

To realize its goals, the company may enter into partnership and cooperation in any way with banks and financial institutions and other locally and abroad. The company may also invest its money in the field of its activity including lending and borrowing from banks and other financial institutions locally and abroad.

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