National Switch Acquiring Management

Moamalat Financial Services Company has won the confidence of the Central Bank of Libya and has been entrusted with all the functions of managing and operating the National Switch System of the company because of its excellent management and technical expertise.

Since September 2009, the management of this company has provided technical support to its customers through its cadre and its strong team of engineers. This has contributed to the improvement of the performance of the system in a large way and thus reflected on the attraction of the people on using the Card Payment System and the increase the electronic payment services.

As the volume of transactions increases and the number of transactions and destinations increases, the pressure on the keys increases.

Using Switch, you can connect external devices directly such as point-of-sale devices or ATMs and integrate with electronic and mobile payments. The switch includes integrated interfaces for the most common types of ATMs, payment terminals and international and regional payment networks. In other words, the system can be easily adapted to the existing customer infrastructure. It connects easily with online banking systems and interacts with external payment providers.