POS Devices & Payment Department

The company seeks to upgrade and modernize its clients' business efficiently to be upgraded of modern developments and modern technology, and is well aware of the challenges facing customers, especially when it comes to terms and methods of payment, which is why the company offers the most advanced POS system to facilitate daily transactions and to provide better service to our customers.



Services of Payment by Mobile Phones

In the era of technology that dominates our modern world, mobile payment technology has emerged. Telephone payment technology makes mobile phones a digital wallet that stores bank account numbers to enable us to pay all kinds of bills that will revolutionize our buying and marketing approach, which will lead in the future to end the normal wallets era. The company is working hard to complete all the requirements of activation of mobile payment (Mobile Payment) to be the first service provider in the State of Libya, enables customers to use their smart phones to make payments to other beneficiaries, whether individuals, shops, Governmental organizations or any other organization.



ATM Management & Control Service

The establishment of a monitoring center for ATMs has become a necessity which in turn helps in the development and improvement of electronic payment services in Libya, hence the management of the company need to develop and install an efficient system to manage and control ATMs in order to reduce the period of interruptions to the lowest time possible, Minutes of the situation and its failures, in addition to follow-up mechanism of filling money, and facilitate maintenance in terms of early reports for technicians.
ATMs carry out many transactions that the client needs 24 hours a day. As these devices use electronic cards and since the company has a transactional issuance and acceptance of these cards, and through an electronic system to record and follow up and control all movements on these devices and use a database of complete confidentiality in dealing with those data.